Principal Message



Dear Citizens, Friends and Well-Wishers
Starting from one student to EMMANUEL MISSION SCHOOL, we have covered some ground and proudly present an institution that we intend to make the epitome of true education. In this dynamic and ever-changing world, we fully understand that we have to be on our toes, evolving and innovating to provide the best educational practices from around the country and the world. This quick-thinking attitude is what we seek to inculcate in our students along with critical thinking and analytical skills that will help them become the leaders in the global village. We combine the Western creativity with the Indian diligence and thereby create an atmosphere where the flame of imaginative and knowledgeable curiosity is lit.

The era of a school merely being a stepping stone to college is over. We see a school as the foundation-stone for life and want to lay a solid foundation to ensure that Emmanuelites will hold their head high no matter where they go. A confident self-learner with a heart of gold, who can apply his knowledge to problem solving in real life is the ideal that we strive for. Our proof of concept lies in the innumerable Emmanuelites placed around the world, who carry the torch for us and excel in every field. We believe in letting the students find their own paths and look to provide wind to their wings to help them soar and realize their potential.

The entire campus has been created as a learning centre and will take children to flights of fancy, to academic brilliance, to artistic creativity, to athletic supremacy and most importantly, to the tomorrow of their dreams. It has been designed and crafted to be a complete day school where ‘total education’ is imparted so that children can explore their multi-faceted talents at one place instead of running around to various activity classes. Instead of simple play, children will be spending time with teachers learning a language; instead of playing video games, they will be playing kabbadi, cricket with facilities and instructors; instead of watching television unattended, they will be undergoing supervised dance, music. We request you to come and have a look, see our infrastructure, be one with our philosophy and understand for yourselves how much we really love children.